Why I fell In Love Playing Pickleball?

Today’s blog post is about my newly found love sport: The Pickleball!! If you are not familiar with Pickleball I will explain it to you in a very simple manner. Pickleball is a sport that combines the elements of tennis, ping-pong and badminton. One, two or more players, each using a paddle to hit the ball. You can play it outdoor, in a yard or in a court.

It is very easy to learn that is why it’s so addictive! Once you learned the basic, you can never go wrong to go out and buy your own equipment. Some players that I know joined a Pickleball club near their place. I on the other hand, practicing with my 6 best buddies! It is much cheaper and it enhances our relationship even further.

You can also play it with your family and kids. I even saw 7 year old kids playing it. There are some paddles that are specially designed for your kids so you do not have to worry about them being injured.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Well, I may sound like a broken record here but the key for mastering Pickleball is doing a lot of practice! Well, we all know that practicing can be applied to all other things outside Pickleball. But really If I have only one advice to new players out there, it is: JUST PRACTICE A LOT!

What Paddle To Choose?

It is also a must to buy your own pickleball paddle. Every single player that I know uses their own paddle. Do not rent it out or borrow one!

Well, for first timers it is okay but once you want to further enhance and become more active in playing the sport, you need one or two or three and so on! Lol! Seriously, you can just buy one paddle that will fit your needs and enhance your skills.

Fortunately, it is easy to find and read guides for pickleball paddles. There are different types of paddles to choose from and they have different prices too! My advice is just to buy what is the best based on the reviews by different users.

Here is my suggestion though, get a Paddletek Tempest Wave! You will not regret it. Here is a review and a Pickleball Paddle buyer’s guide from Enjoy The Enjoyment. They helped me decide to get a Tempest Wave after using a Gamma Paddle for years.

You can also buy one online via Amazon or on your local store. For me, I will always go for the graphite paddle because it is so nice to use and you will definitely improve faster.

What Else Do I Need?

Just buy a Pickleball paddle for now and enjoy playing before thinking of buying another equipment. Once you get familiar with the sport, I suggest that you buy a shoes, bag, towels, insulated water bottles and maybe some pickle balls. That’s just it! This is a very affordable sport. Most people I know are buying even more paddles so they can really test what’s the best for them.

Why I Love Playing It?

As I’ve said earlier, it is so much fun and highly addicting sport. It also has a lot of healthy benefits that’s why you often see older people playing it too. It also keeps the family, friends, clubmate’s relationship grow more stronger. Playing it is also a nice bonding time with your kids and love ones. Finally, if you really worked out on your skills you may join official tournaments and become the ultimate Pickleball Player! That is my goal for the years to come.