Why Haven’t I Gone “Tout”?

After mentioning that I am starting a blog, I got the inevitable tweets telling me this blog is a stepping stone that will lead to me charging for my picks (It is not)… After last night I feel it is an appropriate first post for me to clear the air and explain what this blog will be and why I am not going in this direction.

I have had offers like many to sell my picks. I have chosen to decline each offer. I do not have a family, kids or anyone to support but myself. I completely understand the people that do and need extra money and totally support their decision and see the logic behind earning extra income when the oppurtunity presents itself.

“Being Tout is the worst job unless you have an undeniable long term advantage which 99% of the people don’t (quoting a wise person here) And if you do have this advantage I feel you should not share it. (and most do not) Those are probably the only people who deserve to charge.

Too many people that bet speculatively have 6 good months of posting picks on twitter build a following and then rip people off for their hard earned money. I am not that person. Switching over and becoming a tout requires becoming a salesman, I am not a salesman and never will be.

The main reason I will not go in this direction is I feel it closes too many opportunities and takes the every day fun away from it. It is like the analogy of a kid on a baseball field having so much fun but once they are being paid to play the fun is gone. I have been on multiple forums and twitter for about three years.

In my short time on Twitter I have developed personal friendships and been able to network from a professional standpoint as well: When I tweeted I was in NY for the US Open a few years back @etaymor insisted on meeting up. He is now one of my closest friends. I have also developed professional relationships with people from Twitter.

I have often posted on blogs such as toddstake.com and the past few months I have been helping out on a volunteer basis with @winafy as much as I can. This is a product that is set to launch in 2014 that I feel strong about and think it can help every gambler become better. It is the first truly automated and best solution to track your wagering activity.

If I was to make selling picks my business instead of giving picks as my hobby this community feeling would be lost. I have never bought picks. I do plan on doing so with @tennisgaming next year. He is a friend of mine who has been an ATP coach on tour for the past few years of a top 100 player and he has earned the right to charge.This blog will simply be an extension of my twitter and I hope it can become just as interactive. I love tennis so much that I want to share my thoughts in over 140 characters.

I plan on previewing matches, players, tournaments and exposing why this game is so great. If you have any questions about your own tennis game as well, please feel free to ask. I coached for 10 years and love introducing the game to people. If you go to a park you will see 80 year olds playing and for the most part having fun and smiling. You dont see this with basketball, baseball, football or pretty much any sport but golf.