International Tennis Academy – What To Expect Here?


ITA - Tennis

If you love playing Tennis and want to improve your game, I suggest paying ITA a visit. Kids and adults will learn a lot and have fun while doing drills, improving their skills and meet new players every day.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a tennis racquet yet. There are plenty of beginners guides on the internet including this helpful guide from Swing It Big. I’m sure after reading them, you’ll finally have a choice for your first tennis racquet.

So, without further ado, here are the corresponding fees if you are interested in joining them.

Junior Drill Fees

Fees payment for drills will be made monthly and must reach ITA by the 7th day of each month. ITA will charge a $25 late fee to any statement mailed out.

Academy Fee

ITA has an Academy fee of $250 for the year September to August. This is a flat fee that includes an individual or family. Benefits from the membership fee are as follows:

  • Use of a stringing machine at ITA.
  • The ability to purchase string at cost plus 10%.
  • Racquets from Wilson at cost plus 20%.
  • The use of ITA courts outside of drills (students need to reserve courts).
  • Play day.
  • A discount on private lesson rates.

ITA is introducing a $450 academy fee (each additional family member is $100). Benefits from this membership are: all of the above

Warm up and Coaching at:
Macon (qualifying)

Mayors Cup

Augusta Georgia Junior Closed (year 2000)

There will be no chaperoning to these tournaments in the next year.

For students using all of the membership benefits it is a tremendous savings. Most noticeably is the savings on racquet stringing. Each racquet strung is a savings of $15-$20. (Not to mention the skill learned of stringing your own racquet).
Drill fees

Students attending once a week – $140 per month.

Twice a week – $220 per month.

Three times a week – $280 per month.

Four times a week – $350 per month.

Five times a week – $440 per month.

Students are required to pay for all sessions in advance for the month. Rainouts will be credited to the following month. If you would like to participate in a specialty drill please indicate the preference day(s) you have on the application form.

High Performance Program fees

Private lesson fees of $45 are due at the time of the lesson. The staff will be placing all of the private lessons with the instructors at ITA. If you wish to have a specific instructor, please indicate on the enrollment form.

Familes with more than one junior attending drills will receive a 10% discount on drills.

To sum it up

The price is definitely not cheap but it is all worth it. The additional bonuses and discounts are definitely great factors if you considering to be an ITA student.