A Full Body Pregnancy Pillow Supports your Back and Tummy

full body pillow for pregnancy

Okay, just because my wife is pregnant with our 3rd baby I will probably write an interesting article about this one product that she loved. Introducing…….

The Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Most women will dream of starting their own family at one point or another. With pregnancy comes adjustments in the body and growth in several areas. These changes will be minor and not so noticeable at first but will proceed to have major effects on a pregnant woman’s body.

Due to these changes and weight gain, it is only natural for pregnant women to feel body discomfort and muscle aches in areas that support the increasing weight, most especially the back and tummy. It can be tiring, but thankfully many women have found relief from this discomfort with the help of a full body pregnancy pillow.

Pregnant women usually feel growing discomfort in their backs and tummies, and these only grow worse when trying to rest or get a good night’s sleep. Thankfully, getting a full body pillow for pregnancy can make these pregnancy troubles manageable, even comfortable.

Unlike a regular pillow, a full body pregnancy pillow is larger, usually about body length. Its longer size allows it to be used for different sleeping and resting positions and all the while still be able to provide comfort and support for all parts of a pregnant woman’s body. In general, a full body pillow will measure up to five feet. This elongated pillow can be wrapped around a pregnant woman’s body much unlike plain pillows.


Due to the nature of this pregnancy pillow, it is possible to have different lengths and shapes. The most common of these types is the simple sausage looking shape, which is essentially a long version of a regular pillow. Another is the hooked body length pillow. It can provide back, tummy, and neck support for pregnant women depending on what sleeping position is used.

A good type of body length pillow is the U shaped pillow. As its name implies, this long pillow follows the shape of a U, allowing women to wrap it around their bodies for all around support. Though the U shaped pillow is better overall, it is usually more expensive but if comfort it the only issue, then it is arguably the best body length pillow.

It is natural for women to experience pains during pregnancy but it does not mean they have to endure it. Get a full body pregnancy pillow; it is useful and comfortable before and after childbirth.